There is a Friend of Allah in Adıyaman’s village named Menzil. “Come, whoever you are.” He says. His name is Abdulbaki Erol. He is known as Gaws-ı Sani (qaddasallāhu sirrahū), and also from Ahl al-Bayt.

There is a Friend of Allah in Adıyaman’s village named Menzil. “Come, whoever you are.” He says. His name is Abdulbaki Erol. He is known as Gaws-ı Sani (qaddasallāhu sirrahū), and He is also from Ahl al-Bayt. He is a Sayyid, grandchild of our Prophet Muhammad [sallallāhu alayhi wa sallam].  That the Ahl al-Bayt should be loved is stated in many of Rasulallah’s Hadiths:

● “By Allah, Imaan (faith) will not enter the heart of a Muslim until he loves you for Allah and for my relationship.” [İ. Ahmed]

●”Whoever loves my Ahl al- Bayt and companions much, his feet will not slip when he crosses the Sirat Bridge” [Daylami]

●In İmam Tirmizi’s es-Sünen (no. 3722 Hadith), narrated by Abdullah b. Abbas, our Prophet (PBUH) remarked: “Love Allah because of what He gave you from His blessings; Love me because of the Love of Allah and Love my Ahl al-Bayt because of my Love.”

●”Allah’s most severe wrath (punishment) will be upon the one who pains me regarding my family.” [İ. Ahmed]

●”By He in whose Hand is my Life no man will have malice for my Ahl ul Bait except that Allah will put him in Hell.” [İ. Ahmed]

●” Ehl-i beytimi sevmeyen, ihtilafa düşer ve şeytana yoldaş olur. “[Hakim]

There are Hadiths indicating that we should stick to the Ahl al-Bayt and their way:

A Hadith in İmam Müslim (no. 4425) and İmam Tirmizi (no. 3818 – 3720) books narrated by Zeyd b. Erkam and  Cabir b. Abdullah indicates that, Rasulallah addressed to us at that place in between Makkah and Madinah named Humm:

“l am leaving among you two commandments and you will never go astray if you followed them: the Book of Allah and my Ahl al-Bayt”

A Hadith narrated by Ebu Zer el-Ğifari in El-Hakim en-Neysaburi el-Müstedrek’s (no. 3/163 – 4720) book, Ebu Zerr states that: “Ones who are familiar with me already know me. For those who don’t, I say: I am Ebu Zerr, I heard from Prophet Mohammed (PBUH):

“Behold! The similitude of my family, Ahl al-Bayt, is like that of the Ark of Noah: One who embarks it, will have saved himself, and one who turns away from it, is doomed.”

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Hazrat Gavs-ı Sani’s ties go back to İmam Hussain(ra), from there to İmam Ali(ra) and Hazrat Fatıma (ra). That’s why he is named as “Husainî”. Rasullah’s (PBUH) Hadith about İmam Ali and Hazrat Fatima and their lineage is very famous:

” Allah has forbidden hell for Fatıma and her generation. “ (Taberânî)

Gaws-ı Sani [qaddasallāhu sirrahū] father is Sayyid Abdulhakim al-Hussainî, known also as ‘Gaws KasravÎ’(q.s.). Gaws-ı KasravÎ (q.s.)and his sons (Seyda Muhammed Raşit and Gaws-ı Sani Sayyid Abdulbaki) lived in Bilvanis, Taruni,  Dilibey, Nurşin, Gadir ve Kasrik and finally settled in Menzil. They will continue on with the irshad hizmat until the Day of Judgement.  Members of this holy family, which belong to the Ahl al-Bayt, have no intention other than the pleasure of Allah. Rıza-ı Bari is an important part of their life, thus they travelled many places. After this long journey, Menzil was their last stop. With their life full of migrations and hejira, they show their commitment to our Prophet (PBUH).

After the death of Gaws-ı Kasravi hz(q.s.), his son Sayyid Muhammed Raşit (q.s.) took over this Holy Path. After his fathers’ death, Sayyid Abdülbaki was now a murīd of his brother Muhammed Raşid. He got authorization to teach (ijazah) from Muhammed Raşid (q.s.).

In his childhood Gaws-ı Sani(q.s.) came down with tuberculos and got weak. For us, diseases are redemptions for our sins, but for the Awliya, they are means to higher their stations. Because Gaws- Sani (q.s.) fell down with diseases at a young age, he was very thin. After recovering from tuberculos, he started gaining weight. Therefore he elevated his dignity. He was looking mor like his father day by day.

Hazrat Sayyid Abdulbaki (q.s.) got ijazah from Hazrat Sayyid Muhammed Raşid (q.s.) on a Thursday night. After the death of his Murshīd, Gaws-ı Sani (q.s.) took over all the responsibility of irshad. Since then on, Gaws-ı Sani has continued this mission in the village named Menzil in Adıyaman.

Gaws-ı Sani has been suffering from back pains since his was a teenager. Although he has had many operations these pains still continue. Despite his back pains, he never refrained from irshad, he is always at the sufi’s service. He has such pudency that he never puts his pains into words. When people ask him about his health, he tried to avoid talking about his illnesses. Despite his health problems, he persistently continued on the irshad mission.

Each day thousands of people come to Menzil to visit Gaws-ı Sani (q.s.).  Especially at some weekends number of visitors reach up 20-30 thousand. It is as if Hazrat Gaws-ı Sani says, “Come, whoever you are. But don’t leave as you come”. His door is always open to everyone, no one is turned down. Many celebrities and politicians come to visit him. He shows hospitality to guests and respects them. He has never said a word or entered in any kind of issues on politics.

Hazrat Gaws-ı Sani (q.s.) gives some advices to his sufis on politics: “when you enter a place where politics is being spoken, either leave it or keep quiet. Wichever  political party it is, the Sadat are not content with you talking on politics.”

He never fancied politics, and never involved it with the hizmat. He remarks:

“Beware! Don’t be inclined with political parties! Do not allow nafs and shaytan to interact with your hizmats”

Hazrat Gaws-ı Sani (q.s.) is indefinable. He is best defined by our Prophet (PBUH): “Shall I not tell you who are the best among you?” The Sahaba replied, “Certainly, Messenger of Allah.”

He said, “The best of you are those who when seen are a means of Allah being brought to mind.” (Kenzü’l-Ummâl)

When one sees Hazrat Gaws-ı Sani hz’ni  (q.s.), they remember Allah.  He is the inheritor of Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) and  one of the true people Allah orders us to be with.

  • “Scholars are the inheritors of the prophets” (Ebu Davud, İlm 1, (3641); Tirmizi; İbnu Mace)
  • O you who believe! Be afraid of Allah, and be with those who are true (in words and deeds).” (Surah at-Taubah, v.119)

This is a special station. Ones who reach this station are called perfect human beings. This authority means inheriting the task of teaching manners to the Ummah. It is taking the responsibility of irshad, cleaning and polishing the heart from sins, and keeping the nafs in line. And as a mumeen, we shall accept him as a friend for ourselves and love him for the sake of Allah.

I will put a stop to my words with the Hadith I mentioned above:

“Behold! The similitude of my family, Ahl al-Bayt, is like that of the Ark of Noah: One who embarks it, will have saved himself, and one who turns away from it, is doomed.” [Hakim]

(which means those who are with them will save themselves, ones who run awat from them will be doomed)

If you want to know him better, if you want to know this path better or would like to visit him we can help you contact with sufis in your province.

Its like when you have eaten some honey and want those who have never seen, heard or tasted that honey before to taste it too. This is our aim for the sake of Allah.We hope, ones who have not will taste the honey and we also will deserve having tasted that honey. Amin.

Fi emanillah.

Mustafa Sefa EREM

Translated by K. Söyler




There is a friend of god in adıyaman menzil.He says”Come whoever your are come”.His name is Abdülbaki Erol.He is known as Gavsı Sani.He is from our prophet St. Mohammed’s family (race).So he is SAYYİD(We call people coming from our prophet family as sayyid).That is, he is nephew of our prophet.Our prophet St Mohammed in most of his speech state that we must love and respect to sayyids.For example:

  • “ I swear that whoever doesn’t love sayyids,they never love in their heart”
  • “Whoever love sayyids,they dont fall down from sirat bridge”(according to our belief this bridge situated on hell and in next world everybody will pass on it.those are good will pass,those are bad will fall down to hell)
  • “Love the GOD because of giving everthing to you.Love me because of laving GOD.Love sayyids because loving me.”
  • “Whoever don’t love sayyids,they will be fell down to hell facedown.”

Our prophet St Mohammed also have another speech saying  we must love sayyid and be loyal to them.

According to two companions telling(person who lived in our prophet time and saw him) one day our prophet comes a place called Humm( a place between Mecca-Medina) and say the companions”I  entrust you two important something.Our holy book Quran and sayyids”

Another companion  Abu Zerr says one say our prophet said” You must know that sayyids like noah’s ark.Whoever embark they save,whoever don’t embark they destroy”

Those who want can follow this text from video.

Actually,Gavsı Sani comes from family of St Hussein(descandant of our prophet),St Ali(bridegroom of our prophet,St husseins father),St Fatİma(daugther of our prophet,mother of St Hussein).So we call him “Hüseyni”(people from family of St Hussein(descandant of our prophet)).There is a very impotant speech of our prophet about family of St Ali-St Fatima saying “Hell shall never burn family of Ali and Fatima”

Father of Gavsı Sani is Sayyid Abdulhakim El Hüseyni called as Gavsı Kasrevi.Gavsı Kasrevi and his sons( Sayyid Abdulbaki-Sayyid Mohammed Rashid) have been exhibiting the aim of expending-distributing-telling name and rules of God to everwhere and to everbody by migrating from Bilvanis Village,Taruni Village,Dilibey Village,Nurşin Village,Gadir Village,Kasrik Village to Menzil Village for a long time.These people who are sayyid had never have any other aim except for  having sake of God.Evertime sake of God become a part part of their life so they migrated from different places to reach their aim and finally they came menzil village.Actually by migrating to reach their aim they imitated our prophet.After death of Gavsı Kasrevi his son sayyid Mohammed Rashid became the leader of this sect.İn that time Sayyid Abdulbaki was a good sofi(member of this sect)and became caliph  (candidate of next leader) on a night of a thusday.

İn his childhood Gavsı Sani came down with tubercolosis so he weakened.But it was a oppurtinity to reach supreme position.But after getting better he got weigth and become very awesome person.He was so awesome that he was lookng like his father.After death of Sayyid Mohammed Rashid he became the leader of this sect.From that day he has been contiuning his job telling name and rules of God in adıyaman menzil village.Although his waistache he is contiuning his job.He is so modest that he never complain about his ache .He talks about his ilness shyingly.Although these handicaps,he is still contiuning his job without being tired and wearisome.

Everyday a lof of people visit him.Especially in weekends number of visiter exceeds thirty-forty thousand.He says” come whoever you are come but don’t turn back as you come.”Even famous singers,important politician visit him.His visiters are very important and precious for him.He never talk about politic.He never insult someone because of their politic opinions.He says”When people talk about politic be silent or leave that places.If talk about politic Sadats(people who  became leader of this sect before) never become pleased.”He never keens on any party and never let politic to happen in this sect.He says” Be smart-careful!Don’t keen on any party and never let  politic to happen in this sect.”

We cann’t describe him by telling.Our prophets speech can decribe him more affectively.He says”Pay attention ! Shall ı describe the your  most beneficial person? Beneficial people are the those reminding God to you when you look at them.”

Those seeing Gavsı Sani remember God, no doubt.He is inheriter of our prophet St Mohammed and he is loyal slave of God.Our porphet says”Erudies are my inheriter.” İn our holybook Quran God says”Those believing in me! Afraid of me and be with  loyal ones”(Part of Tawbah-119.sentence)

İts very important positoin.Whoever in this position is mature person.This position in being inheriter of job of educating people believing St Mohammed.İt means undertaking job of expending-telling name and rules of God,cleaning people’s heart from spiritual dirties ,educating people exquisite. So our job is loving him.

I m finishing my text by writing one of our prophet speech that ı stated before.”You must know that Sayyids like noah’s ark.Whoever embark it they save,whoever don’t embark it they destroy.”

İf you want to know Gavsı Sani more better,ıf you want to know this sect more better,ıf you want to visit him ,ıf you want to get more information we can help you by our executives in your city,town.

Our aim is help you just for sake of God.I hope God bless on us.AMEN.


Mustafa Sefa EREM

GAVSI SANİ(K.S.A)”  Sayfasına Gitmek İçin Tıklayın     >              




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