A Story Of Migration From  England

İt was six or seven month ago, everthing was going wrong in my life every passing day.Due to the homesickness and astrayed people around me , ı had astrayed.Night clubs,pubs,alcohol,gambling… And one day ı called my brother staying in Sarajevo for his education and deciding to come england .When ı asked where he is he said he was going dervish convent , ıt was weird to me.I  wanted to make fun of him by saying “when you come here we will g oto night clubs.” But he even didnt give answer and ı understand he got angry.Every passing day my health problems  emerged again and ı decided to come turkey.When ı come home there was a any ohter one’s Picture instead of my mothers who is a member of khadiri sect murshid Picture.When ı asked who is it my mother said he is blessed lord of the our time gawsı azam.When ıt become night  my brother covered his head with a cloth after four or fıve mınutes he was doing and saying strange voıces and ı began to afraıd.After finishing ı asked the reason of the strange voıces he said ıt was because of chezbe(attract).It was seen very  ınterest to me and ı decided to go menzil after two days ı  went menzil.When ı saw frıend of God,heir of our dear prophet  ı was near the end of the my eyes and ın every step chills of my knees increased.That day ı became sufi.

That day ı became sufi ı couldnt sleep because of my excitement.I walked on street of menzil all night like a amoruos.Everythıng was on right way.It was very hard to leave from menzil and my gaws.I have never been end the of my eyes even when ı leave my family.With my brother advices ı memorised name of sadats to get ınstructıon of making wird and ı got.There wasnt any problem about my wird untıl ı went england,place of sins.Because of work fatique and allow tıme for my work ı couldnt make wird and ı gave up.But after every prey ı prey God to show me a sign or a miracle to began wird again.At least a lof miracle happened ı began to wird again.But devil tricked me and ı couldnt make wird for two month.Right now ı left from the only dervish convent ın london and ı am writing this lines on bus. I came across with a strange even at here.Today, after ı went dervish convent twenty minutes later a tall bearded man in his sixties came there.Other people wanted to ıntruduce ourselves and man began to talk english.I really cant understand why a british choose menzil for himselves as a last station while planning to travell around world,whıle  we intruducing as muslims even  cant do Gods order.When ı talked with him he said he became sufi ın the Sayyid Mohammad Rashid time when he was twenty four years old.He said”ı travelled all around world and ı decided to say no need to any other place except for menzil when ı saw there.”Blessing of God…  God bless on mr mohammad emin obtaining being muslim and sufiat the and of his travelling.God bless on for reading my text.Being loyal very important ın this way and ı has got a lot of benefit.Wİth the blessing of God my mother became naqshbandi.Whoever dont give important to this way their heart is like a Stone.Gpd and sadats be with you…

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3 responses to “STORIES OF BEING SUFİ 27.PART (NEW)

  1. Assalamoe alaykoem,
    The story is quite interesting, but it is very difficult to read. DjazakAllahoe Gayran

    • es selamun alaykum… ıf you read artıcle about gaws ı sani, you can understand this text better. please fistly read acticles about gaws sani and naqshbend to understand these texts better.

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